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Welcome to the Who Ya Know - Job Networking Show!

Today’s employment search is more complex than ever. It is not always what you know, but Who Ya Know can make all the difference in your search for employment.

Our goal is to leverage relationships and our professional network to open doors, equip you with the best knowledge, resources, support and education available.

Each show you will learn from industry experts on a wide range of topics including search techniques, resumes, interview skills, maximizing employee benefits and more.

The views expressed in this program are those of the facilitators, and are for informational purposes only. No products are being marketed nor is any advice being provided in this program. Program attendees should seek their own tax, accounting and/or legal advice.

Meet Your Hosts

Trevor Houston


Trevor’s networking strategies & outside-the-box approach drive proven results. Featured in Forbes for his Job Search Trojan Horse Strategy; Trevor helps job seekers to get noticed, create opportunities & take control of the financial impact of job loss. His mission is to build a community of leaders & empower job seekers to find their passion.


Networking expert with 15 years of experience volunteering in organizations who give back and make a difference in the community. He is a faithful part of Frisco Connect, has educated, coached and led career seekers individually, conducted job networking workshops, and helped organize local job networking events.


Radio Co-Host and The founder of Search4Uinc.com that powers the Career Search Network, with over 31 years of Global Talent Acquisition expertise and management for companies such as IBM, Citigroup and Verizon, Foster leads and facilitates multiple job seeker networking organizations all over the USA.

What Past Speakers Have to Say

WYK Small Groups

Build Community | H.O.P.E | Pay it forward

Small Groups have one simple purpose – to bring people together. We are truly better together, and you’ll find that out once you give Small Groups a try, so check out the directory and connect with a Small Group today!



Career Transition Summit

Coach’s Corner

Recruiter Roundup

Frisco Connect Online

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